What is the Disciplined Wealth, investment & networking community?

We are…

A community of North America-based, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Professionals; who have invested 10-15% (or more!) of our portfolios in crypto projects and Web 3.0 tech companies. 

We help you safely start investing in crypto using trusted tools, reliable data sources, and historical charts – so you are prepared to do your own research and make informed decisions. 

Our community members value the shared experiences of our network, as we
LEARN, EARN, & RETURN our gained knowledge, by contributing back to our community.

Our members include accounting, legal, tax, and estate planning professionals who are crypto literate.

If you’re tired of ‘googling’ and ‘youtubing’ for answers…and are READY to start your adventure in crypto investing >>  the Disciplined Wealth investment community is the answer you are looking for!

Don’t spend another second agonizing over what to buy, and how! 

Join us here…. DW Community URL [ ]

We have videos, workshops, and meetings to help you start investing in crypto today. 

So you, too, can Learn, Earn & Grow with others sharing the Web 3.0 experience. 

We know you’ve got specific questions and our community of investors and experts has answers.

Why join the DW community?

Our members enjoy the following benefits: 

  • LEARNING – DW provides ongoing education & learning resource curation, with a focus on crypto// Web 3.0 projects
  • EARNING – we are investment focused; from crypto currencies to relocation/freedom insurance… Our members have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars; and openly talk about when and how they take gains, buy dips and the strategies that grow their wealth. 
  • RETURN – Networking with like minded professionals and serving our membership means contributing and giving back. Sometimes that’s sharing something you learned in a community post, interview or challenge… Other times, that’s teaching a workshop or offering wisdom on an investment opportunity. We have crypto-literate members that can assist with North American centric (IRS//CRA) tax, estate & wealth planning & more…

    When you join, we’ll work with you to discover how your personal & professional experiences can add to the value & wealth of our community!  We love championing and promoting our members and their businesses. 

What others are saying…

Some of our members have had scammy and scary experiences trying to navigate the crypto investment space alone. 

Our members appreciate discretion and trust us to only share their testimonials anonymously. 

To that end, the two things that we hear most often are “the ability to share in a trusted space” and “the safety of learning in a community of practice”.

We’re not going to promise 10x growth, quitting your job, or buying a Bugatti.  
One promise we can make…

You’ll gain more learning and investing in crypto, alongside a trusted community;  than you ever will alone (or, in your 401K/IRA, RRSP/TFSA, or in the stock market… ) because Web 3.0 is the future – – and there isn’t any other community like us!