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A discussion about cryptocurrency wallet accounts

Marilen: I’m new to the world of Cryptocurrency and I’m starting to see sites use “wallets” as a form of compensation or a way to get paid on their platform. I was on the BRAVE site recently and they mentioned Gemini or Uphold to use.

Do you use either Gemini or Uphold for your wallet account?

Pat: No I can’t say that I recognize those wallet names…..  Want me to look them up?

Marilen: Yes, please … Also – would love your opinion on this as I use CashApp for several things…

Pat: So CashApp appears to be a light crypto wallet meets Robinhood meets a debit card?  It says no commissions.  Fees?  How do they monetize?

Here’s the lowdown as I see it without actually using these tools as of yet…

Cashapp, Gemini, Uphold, and for that matter, CRO that’s getting talked about so much in the community all do the same things.  They hold multiple currencies, allow you to trade between them (fiat or crypto), and give you a method to pay for things. 

Cashapp and Uphold seem to be simple “swap” exchanges where CRO and Gemini are full exchanges where you can enter a bid/ask and access advanced trading data and tools. 

On its face, Uphold looks the cleanest, most transparent on fees as they list all of their spreads on each product and openly state these things in clear language. 

Gemini runs a stable coin _ GUSD, is connected to State Steet Bank, and has FDIC protection for US citizens.  It is functionally a US-backed banking service as far as I can tell. 

CRO is probably the most robust with the highest rewards but also the most difficult to learn/use.  Uphold gives a really nice cross-section of large-cap IT stock, metals, fiat, and crypto in a very convenient and transparent wrapper. 

Next, I would say Gemini if you want the crypto depth without the CRO pain points. 

I’d rate Cashapp last, only because I’m a crypto bug.  It appears to only allow you to hold BTC.  For the average everyday life, it’s probably very convenient for you!

Marilen Crump is a seasoned entrepreneur and is a business strategist based in Yorktown, VA. Pat Driedger is the Founder of Disciplined Wealth, with decades of experience in the financial and wealth investment sector.

This conversation is meant to be informative and is not meant to replace legal or financial advice to anyone reading this material.

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