Affiliate Program

Disciplined Wealth Affiliate Program

Capitalism Done Right!

Thank you for your interest in joining the Disciplined Wealth Affiliate Program.  This program is only available to Tier Two members.

How does it work?

Affiliate members receive a unique URL they can use to invite other members to the Disciplined Wealth Community.  Anybody who uses that code to register gets flagged at check-out.  Our payment gateway (Gumroad) will then take 25% of the purchase off the top, and place those funds directly into the affiliates Gumroad account.  This account is wholly and completely owned and managed by the affiliate member.  The affiliate member can withdraw funds from their Gumroad account at as they wish.

Example: Tom invites 6 friends to the Disciplined Wealth Community: April, Steve, John, James, Mary and Adam.

What they purchased:

April – Tier One @ $25/Month
Steve – Tier Two @ $99/Month
John – Tier Two @ $99/Month
James – Tier Two @ $99/Month
Mary – Tier Two @ $550/6 Months
Adam – Tier Two @ $1000 / Year

Tom Instantly Receives via Gumroad:

April – $0 (Tier One not eligible)
Steve – $24.75
John – $24.75
James – $24.75
Mary – $137.50
Adam – $250
Total Instant Deposit – $461.75

The following Month Tom Receives via Gumroad:

April – $0 (Tier One not eligible)
Steve – $24.75
John – $24.75
James – $24.75
Mary – $0 (already paid)
Adam – $0 (already paid)
Total Instant Deposit – $74.25

As long as you maintain your Tier Two membership in good standing, affiliate commissions will be earned perpetually and forever!

Affiliate income is not capped!

Yes, if you invite 200 members and they all pay $99/month you will receive $4,950 / Month!!

How to Join? – Step One

Become a Tier Two Member.  (If you’re already a member proceed to step two.)

How to Join? – Step Two

Create a FREE Gumroad Account.  (If you already own a Gumroad account proceed to step three.)

How to Join? – Step Three

Request access by filling out the following form:


By submitting this form you are making a formal request to join the Disciplined Wealth Affiliate program and earn 25% commission on all Tier Two referrals that you make.(Required)