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    A discussion about cryptocurrency wallet accounts

    Marilen: I’m new to the world of Cryptocurrency and I’m starting to see sites use “wallets” as a form of compensation or a way to get paid on their platform. I was on the BRAVE site recently and they mentioned Gemini or Uphold to use. Do you use either Gemini or Uphold for your wallet account? Pat: No I can’t say that I recognize those wallet names…..  Want me to look them up? Marilen: Yes, please … Also – would love your opinion on this as I use CashApp for several things… https://cash.app/investing Pat: So CashApp appears to be a light crypto wallet meets Robinhood meets a debit card?  It says…

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    The Great Resignation

    Disciplined Wealth Founder, Pat Driedger is lending his insights to the YouTube and WISDOM audience as he discusses matters of innovation, culture, and wealth with host Marilen Crump on her regular channel. Marilen is also a member of Disciplined Wealth and is known for developing businesses and inspiring people to pursue their purpose.