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Gain awareness about what is developing in the financial world when it comes to smarter investing for the future and how to avoid pitfalls in learning about Crypto and beyond.

This group is facilitated by Disciplined Wealth, a supportive community whose mission is to evaluate trends, curate information, and create lessons and discussions that will give each member a unique advantage when it comes to investing wisely.

About Pat Driedger, Founder of Disciplined Wealth:

Pat Driedger has been serving clients in the financial sector since 2005 and established Castle Wealth Services Ltd in 2009. Pat realized that in order to keep serving clients in the most honest and advantageous way, he had to expand and recognize how currency is evolving. Along with other experienced professionals in varying industries, Disciplined Wealth is a collection of mentors and advisors that aim to serve anyone passionate about investing in their future.

Our hope for you:

* Help you avoid the CONS and Misrepresented information that is quickly expanding online

* Connect you with resources that will expand your wealth that is easily accessible

* Provide a safe space for learning where you won’t be fleeced of your hard-earned money

* Secure your knowledge in how to make the best investment for yourself

* Give you information that has been studied and filtered by upstanding and credible professionals

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